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Political Action Consulting Agency

Do you have a political campaign to run? PACA helps aspiring politicians to put up a fight and express their message and policies to the voters, the way it is meant to be heard.



PACA is an organisation created by Akshaye Mavinkurve to help propel aspiring political leaders to get to the top of the pyramid. The political establishment has machinery that includes the media and the elite business and political class to disenfranchise those coming from a modest position.

The agency aims to utilise the strengths and express them to the constituency of the candidate

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A Comprehensive Approach

PACA helps political personalities with services as small as speech writing. Sometimes a leader may have the idea and the presentation skills but not the rhetoric. Creating the Rhetoric is what provides structure to the idea and that structure provides clarity during its presentation

Expert Guidance

The establishment politicians have the media machinery to help fight their battles. At PACA with our media analysis, we will find the strategy you need to manoeuvre the establishment and send your message out to your constituents. 


The Path to Success

To be a successful politician, you must have a strong coalition of voters. Your coalition or base is established only when you approach the community you aim to serve and be transparent in your messaging. Here at PACA, we would help set up community infrastructure so that your ideas are accessible and approachable to your community. 

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